Sissonville VFD First Responder Program

The Sissonville, Millertown, Pocatalico & Guthrie (SMP&G) Volunteer Fire Department has a First Responder program that it runs in conjuction with the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority. It is made up of fire department members that have medical certifications such as EMR, EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic. This is a volunteer service provided by the fire department free of charge to citizens in the Sissonville Fire Response District. First Responders are dispatched along with EMS for life threatening situations such as Cardiac Arrest, Chest Pains, Shortness of Breath, Seizures, Strokes, Shootings, Stabbings, Injured Persons, etc.

Current First Responders:

  • Chuck Carney - EMT
  • Dave Casto - EMT
  • Patrick Coles - EMT
  • Eddie Elmore - EMT
  • Bobby Fisher - EMT
  • Drew Foutty - EMT
  • Luke Grimm - EMT
  • Scott Holmes - EMT
  • Tracy Holmes - Paramedic
  • Jason Legg II - Paramedic
  • Jason McCutcheon - EMT
  • John Miller - Paramedic
  • Michael Oakley II - EMT
  • Greg Parsons - EMT
  • Brett Reed - EMT
  • Christian Shamblin - EMT
  • Kayla Shamblin - EMT